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Angel Policy


We are delighted that you have chosen to use our products.

To ensure that we protect all our partners and licenses from the misuse of images and copyright, we have established an Angel Policy to help support the craft industry as well protecting our brands and partners.


We do restrict the maximum number of craftwork projects to a total of 500 per year, for the purpose of sale for profit – subject to the following:


Logos belonging to brand owners (under license to Craft Consortium) or any copyright or trade mark belonging to them may not be used or applied to any item.


No item may promote or make any implication of endorsement by or affiliation with Craft Consortium licensed brands. Any elements within Craft Consortium's ranges produced under license should not be used in a manner which may be considered harmful or bring the licensee into disrepute.

If you are looking for logo's or images for marketing purposes only, please contact us directly to see how we can support you.


Thank you for your support

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